Peer feedback

It certainly is nerve-racking displaying your work for others to critique.  However, as the reader, I found it really fascinating reading two of my colleague’s blogs.  Both blogs were really interesting and I learned a lot!  Below is the feedback that I provided to them on their sites:


Feedback for Emma Alcock

Hi Emma,

Your blog immediately grabbed my attention because of your fractal metaphor!  I really like the imagery of repeating patterns of inquiry that change and evolve slightly with each iteration.  I’m also intrigued by the Reggio Emilia philosophy although I admit I don’t know a lot about it yet.  Your description of it was really interesting and helpful to your readers who might be in a similar position to me.

I agree with you about Google searching being a little overwhelming at times and difficult to narrow searches down to retrieve specific results.  I notice that in your Google searches you were searching for results for all of your research questions.  Also, in Google Scholar I noticed that you began by searching for a specific question around assessing the inquiry learning process in the arts, but you also focussed on a more general question of how to use inquiry learning in the arts classroom.  Perhaps narrowing the search to just one question might help to make the search results of these tools less overwhelming?  Although, I also understand that you are demonstrating the ways in which your research questions evolved over time.

Also, just one small detail on your Expert Searching page – you have recommended that your readers look at the search pages in a specific order, but the order of your menus doesn’t follow this pattern.  I found this a little bit difficult to follow so maybe re-ordering your menu might help.  Overall though, your blog was a really interesting read and I learned a lot about a subject area that is fairly new to me!

emma feedback

Screenshot created by author

Feedback for Melinda Myles

Hi Melinda,

I was immediately interested in your blog because of your introduction on the home page and your initial post.  Having finished high school a number of years ago, and not working in a primary or secondary school myself, you immediately grabbed my attention by getting me to consider how inquiry learning could be implemented in a health and physical education curriculum.  Certainly when I was at school there was no inquiry learning during PE class!  Your anecdote about the history of the Fosbury Flop was fascinating and a great way to engage your readers by giving them an excellent example of how inquiry, reflection and ‘trial and error’ can be applied in any discipline, including HPE.  I also love that you use the high jumping metaphor throughout the rest of your blog.

Just a couple of small suggestions regarding your expert searches.  I notice that in addition to searching for the term “health and physical education” you’ve usually used the synonyms “HPE” and “PE”.  I wonder whether searching for terms used in other countries might return some results outside the Australian curriculum?  For example “phys ed” or “physical training” or “sport education”.  Having said that, I notice in some tools you did use “gym class” so you probably have your bases covered so to speak.  Also, I notice in some of your expert searches you described the features of the tool in quite a bit of detail.  Perhaps some of this could be scaled back slightly and made more relevant to how you personally used the tools.  I liked the way you summarised what you found useful about each tool at the end of each expert search post.

I also really liked your use of annotated screenshots and concept maps.  Overall, I really enjoyed reading your blog and I learned a lot!


Melinda feedback

Screenshot created by author



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